Sunday, January 10, 2016

Newsletter Time!

Creating classroom newsletters was always something I knew I wanted to be a part of my classroom communication. Well… let's just say I finally created my very first newsletter to send home. On the upside it is January, so I'm starting the year off right! Knowing what to include in a newsletter was much trickier than I originally thought. The best way to make a newsletter that will actually be looked at, let alone read first of all is to make it cute! Also, if you over think it, you'll add way more information that really isn't necessary. If you add too much information parents will not read it, and in the future they will barely peruse what you took the time to type.

So instead of wasting time, keep it simple! Not every little detail needs to be in your newsletter. You also need to find a maintainable newsletter for your classroom. I know that if I had to make a weekly newsletter it would never happen. Instead I have decided to do monthly newsletters that are a snapshot of the month for the parents.

In order to keep the newsletter short and to the point, I only had two sections. I will still send home notes and dojo messages for other information that comes up throughout the month. The two sections I have are Reminders and What We're Learning. I feel like this will help the parents to be more in the loop of their child's learning. Also, it never hurts to add cute fonts and clip art.

I feel like keeping it simple is the best way to go, as far as the information. I love adding cute clip art and borders Creative Clips on teachers pay teachers. All of her clip art is amazing!
January Newsletter!

For the What We're Learning section, I did not add every topic we are covering throughout the month. This is most of it, but I did not want to overwhelm the parents.
I hope this was helpful!

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