Sunday, January 17, 2016

A new chapter….

I absolutely love creating things for my classroom! I enjoy being able to put my spin on things for my kiddoes. I have never used Journeys as curriculum before, but I love it! The best part is that I get to make the homework, word wall words, and sight word tests! It is a blast to create these items because I am able to put my own twist on everything. I don't have to get anything that I am not completely happy with. I am so excited that now I can share all of my creations with fellow teachers!

I have finally launched my teachers pay teachers store. I will be adding products hopefully every few weeks. For now I have things for Journeys Unit 4, which have worked amazingly in my classroom. I hope other enjoy using these things in their classrooms as well.

This is just an example of one of the sight word tests for Unit 4. Having two tests per page is super helpful when it comes to the copier! Because let's be honest, who likes to spend forever at the copier!

So far in my store I have homework passages, sight word tests, and word wall words. I am currently working on homework extension packet that will be up by next Saturday!

Keep On Teachin' and have and amazing Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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