Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's almost the new year…..

     As the new year is quickly approaching, I am attempting to apply for full time teaching jobs, deal with becoming a substitute, working, and attempting to balance these things out with a real life. I have been working on creating a resume, cover letter, teaching portfolio, student teaching binder, and a send home letter for the parents of the class I will be student teaching in. Creating a resume… OH MY! This is one the most stressful pieces of paper I have ever tried to deal with… I feel like a million things could go wrong and cause possible employers to just toss my resume aside. Once I have settled on a resume design I will upload a picture.
    I guess goals for the new year that begins in mere hours would be a good place to start. Goal number one is to spend more quality time with my family, sweetie pie, and puppy Tulsa. Some would say that I already spend incredible amounts of time with my family, but for the most part I am working or sleeping during these times. I want to spend time with my family where we can enjoy one another's company. Another goal of course is to land a full time teaching job before I finish student teaching. The application process is stressful, frightening, and exciting. Goal three is to take better care of myself. NO NOT BECOME SKINNY! Yes, I want to work out more, but I do not want to get skinny. Get fit… yeah that sounds much better. I want to actually take the time in the mornings to get ready to go to the classroom. Instead of just throwing clothes on, I would like to think about it for maybe two minutes first? The time is fast approaching that I have to grow up… So I should probably stop dressing like a bum…. Sleeping in the library at school is most likely not something I should do on a daily basis anymore. Oh well. Here is to a New Year, that will bring many new things to my life.